Meet The Kitts Scaffolding TeamIntroducing our professional, trained and certified scaffolding teams

Kitts Scaffolding team are all trained to ensure that we are fully compliant with current legislation. We aim to provide high quality workmanship from start and through to completion of all our projects to make sure that our customers goals are met.

Professional, Qualified Scaffolding Team

How to describe the team at Kitts Scaffolding? Probably the best word is “dedicated”.

Our team of highly skilled scaffolders is made up a mix of home grown talent and life-long industry professionals – all brimming with experience and knowledge.

Fresh-faced Apprentices

Over the years, many members of the Kitts Scaffolding team have come to us as apprentices, a clean slate on which to build on. Working alongside our experienced pros, they have developed into knowledgeable and professional craftsmen, who share the same work ethos and attention to detail.

Continual Staff Development

Regardless of how their careers began, our team all share the same quality standards that are maintained on a regular basis by further training. We all attend industry updates and professional development courses, aimed at offering our customers in London, Surrey and Kent the best service possible while adhering to strict health and safety policies.

The most important members of the team? ...You.

Without you, there is no team. We will work with you with one aim – to complete your project with no stress, and a satisfactory end result.

We’re all part of the same team – call us on 01883 337 870. to bring us on board with yours

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We're proud of our reputation as one of the most reputable scaffold hire companies in the South East of England

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